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Two New Fantasy Baseball Blogs

After the rush of draft preparation and post-draft analysis, I want to return to the practice of introducing new fantasy blogs to everyone.  A couple have been brought to my attention that you should take the time to visit.

The first is Fantasy Arbiter.  To quote its author, it is "a new blog, with the goal of resolving the inevitable trade disputes which arise every season.  I have seen leagues and friendships ruined over questionable trades.  I have found that when an outside, knowledgeable opinion is offered, much of the hostility dissipates."

I can attest to the discord sowed by one or two bad trades. It is an inevitable part of every fantasy season in which the participants know each other. Every owner has slightly different player evaluations.  When the value of one owner differs significantly from that of the rest of the league i.e Felix Hernandez is going to get hurt so I am dealing him to my college roommate for Kyle Farnsworth, sparks fly!

The second blog is The Moonlight Gram. It is written by a couple fantasy baseball guys and is "aimed at providing usable tips and commentary for winning your fantasy league."  Not that I'd direct you to fantasy baseball blogs aiming to help you lose your league.

If you have a blog and want to draw some attention to it, send me an email.  I'll do what I can to help encourage the writing of fantasy bloggers.  The self-satisfaction of putting your thoughts on paper is its own reward, but, eventually, you want more.  It is then that traffic becomes the stimuli to keep the writing going.  Then comes money albeit very little.