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SB Nation NFL Mock Draft - Part 4

More NFL Mock Draft possibilities from the SB Nation NFL blogs.  Remember, anybody can pick in the top five, winning teams are the ones that can find great players later in the draft.  All the justifications can be found at the Field Gulls blog.

21) Houston - Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan
Well, the Texans need help on the offensive line (among many other things) so if they did trade down in the draft, I hope they take an offensive tackle.  That would help the fantasy value of Matt Schaub and whomever they end up having run the ball, but I don't think it would help enough to make much of a difference.

22) Dallas - Aaron Ross, CB, Texas
Hmmm.  Terrence Newman, check.  Anthony Henry, check.  Aaron Glenn, check.  Nope, no room for a rookie CB. Great long term potential but barring an injury he would have no fantasy value this year.

23) Kansas City - Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State
He would be the new #1 wide receiver in Kansas City, taking over for whats-his-name.  We're not sure who will be throwing the ball to him either, but Ginn is a gamebreaker who will see a lot of playing time this season.  He has the potential to be a starter on your fantasy team, especially if your league includes points for individual special teams players.

24) New England - Eric Weddle, S, Utah
The Patriots secondary is made up of Rodney Harrison, a grumpy Asante Samuels and a bunch of guys you've never heard of, so a safety is a good choice here.  You never know how Belichick is going use his players, but Weddle would likely see a lot of playing time.  He's a little small (5' 10") and hasn't generally been projected as a first round pick, so I doubt he would have any fantasy value this year.

25) NY Jets - Gregg Olsen, TE, Miami
Olsen would have to displace starting TE Chris Baker to see much playing time.  OK, let's face it; nobody knew the Jets starting TE was Chris Baker, so it shouldn't be too hard for Olsen to take over.  There aren't that many decent fantasy tight ends which means Olsen could be worth having on your roster in this situation.

26) Philadelphia - Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas
The Eagles cornerbacks are a mess so Houston would see playing time in Philly right away.  Considering that opposing QBs like to throw at rookie CBs quite a bit, Houston could have some decent tackle totals. He would be worth a bye-week fill-in on your team if the Eagles were facing a passing offense.