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I am heavily-inclined towards focusing on the bottom half of the fantasy roster to find those players who can rise from obscurity to make positve contributions to winning fantasy teams.  This typically has me sniffing around the 4th and 5th OF and middle relief corps of the major league teams.

However, I regularly hear endless news about the upper echelon of fantasy baseball players, and ask myself, "Should I try to focus on those players or am I better off continuing what I am most inclined to do?  Am I better off pointing out Ramon Ortiz or trying to exclaim to all the world how great Felix Hernandez is?"

On the previous poll, unsurprisingly, Homer Bailey isn't expected to disappoint as a minor league draft pick.  More surprising was the choice of Clayton Kershaw as often (once amongst the 28 voters.)  That tells me there is a very informed readership at Fake Teams.  Possibly the elite of the elite of the fantasy world!

Despite that elite status, I am curious whether more people want to see information that looks for the Ramon Ortiz's of the fantasy world or information that validates one's high round choices.