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Keith Law, FBF, NFL & NBA Chats

With a rainy rain in the Northeast, I've got links to a slew of inside-the-house/dormroom/office reading material in the form of ESPN chats.  I have even added the link to an NBA chat! (Hey, where is that fantasy NBA blogger I'm looking to add to Fake Teams?)

The usual disclaimer applies.  These chats are open to all while they are on-going and are immediately unavailable to non-subscribers once they end.  I'll be adding a sample from each chat if I find something noteworty.  You can do the same.

At 1PM today, there is a chat with Keith Law.  I will be reading all of today's ESPN chats, but this is the one I will be sure to read if time is squeezed.

For those who need their basbeall information earlier, Steve Phillips will be chatting at noon, and, again, there is a double shot of Fantasy Baseball Focus chats at 11AM and at 3PM for those who need even more.

There is also an NBA chat with Chad Ford at noon.  Who says its too early to begin speculating on the fantasy values of Greg Oden and Kevin Durant?

Football Scientist KC Joyner will be chatting a 4PM for those sabremetrically-inclined fantasy footballers.