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Jim Callis Chat et al

ESPN is running two fantasy baseball chats again.  Have I become so inured to the difficulties of early seasons decisions or have I found the answers that fantasy players scale the mountains of Tibet looking for enlightenment about that two chats per day seems like overkill?  I'd like to say it is the second, but I'm more prone to believing it is the human condition to look for answers about things that are unknowable at the moment.

I've also included the link to Mel Kuyper's NFL draft chat.  I don't watch ESPN on TV so I do not experience Kuyper overload that many draftniks must suffer from.  Is it too soon for that affliction?  What I want to know is where OU RB Adrian Peterson is likely to land because he is the player of most fantasy relevence at the moment.  

Finally, Jim Callis chats minor league prospects at 2PM.  His is one of my must-read chats each week.  Delois Guerra will certainly be part of the conversation as will fellow Met prospect Fernando Martinez who is off to a .625 start at AA as an 18-year-old.

Click Fantasy Baseball Focus at 11AM.

Click NFL Draft with Mel Kuyper at 1PM.

Click Baseball America's Jim Callis at 2PM.

Click Fantasy Baseball Focus at 3PM.

Update [2007-4-11 10:41:35 by Eric Hz]: This 3PM FBF will be hosted by Ron Shandler, a Rotisserie expert grounded in the traditional game - 4x4 AL-/NL-only. I will find his chat most informative and would put him on the must-read list.