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Buy Low

Is there anyone looking to acquire the Bad News Boys, Brad Lidge and Jorge Julio?  They're value can't be any lower than right now.  Heck, Julio's may be back to its pre-season levels if he gets a save tonight.

In NL-only leagues, getting either pitcher right now may prove difficult as saves are much harder to obtain. I have Julio and cannot see getting anything that offers the upside value of Julio remaining the closer (Jorge Julio < Xavier Nady).  Lidge's value is probably the same.

Mixed leagues, on the other hand, offer a great venue for acquiring these two down-on-their-luck relievers.  If they don't work out, you can likely get the back-ups to the new closers - neither of which are any surer than their predecessors - from the free agent pool.

In the mean time, Lidge will remain a 1+ K/IP middle reliever and that is still has value.  Julio?  As a non-closer he offers you someone to cut to pick-up Matt Lindstrom.