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Brian Wilson

One of the dangers of drafting before the final MLB rosters are set is the chance a player you draft does not make the team.  This just occurred with potential closer Brian Wilson of the San Francisco Giants.  He was taken ahead of the real closer, Armando Benitez, in many drafts.  Normally, I'd make a snide comment about the Roto-commentariat getting into an echo chamber situation where the small group of MSFM (Mainstream Fantasy Media) repeat the same projectiosn abck and forth to each other.  this then gives the appearance of fact,a nd fantasy players everywhere draft that player much higher than need be.

However, this case was brought about directly by Giants Gm Brian Sabean who said Wilson was the likely closer if Benitez couldn't step up.  Then the Roto-commentariat picked-up the meme and ran with it.  For my sake, I always cautioned that Wilson walked too many batters and didn't strikeout enough.  I'll give myself credit for that call.  (ed:  Don't you have an old email that proves your contention?  me:  help me sort 2700 sent emails, and I may.)

Wilson won't be the last player to entr the MSFM echo chamber and emerge as a hot fanatasy proprty.