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Al-Only Draft

Quickly, I want to review what I did this afternoon in my AL-only keeper league draft. I missed on Saves and Stolen Bases, but drafted a quality offense minus the SB, and a good pitching staff minus the Saves.

Here are the players I drafted.

Player Pos Salary
Ross Gload 1B 5
Jose Vidro 2B 8
Michael Cuddyer OF 21
J.D.Drew DH 24
John Lackey SP 28
Brandon Morrow RP 6
Bartolo Colon (DL) SP 11
Francisco Liriano (DL) SP 8
Roberto Hernandez RP 1
Ramon Ortiz SP DL Replacement
Joel Piniero RP DL Replacement
Nick Adenhart SP #3 Minor League Pick

I will examine it more closely when I have had the opportunity to sleep on what I have done. Missing out on the two obvious needs, Saves and SBs, will necessarily lead to a negative assessment at this moment.