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Keeper League Strategy Or Is Bobby Crosby Worthless?

Update [2007-3-9 10:3:57 by Eric Hz]: From the Contra Costa Times:

Geren gave a target range of March 15-17 for shortstop Bobby Crosby (back injury) to play in his first game. It's the most definitive the manager has been on Crosby's timetable

Last year, I acquired Bobby Crosby in a trade with an eye towards this season, and I am getting a creeping feeling it was a bad move.  Crosby is $10 in a AAOK 124.14 $260 so he certainly possesses some upside opportunity within that context.  However, I have three other SS-eligble players in $34 Michael Young, $1 Nick Punto and a $6 Ben Zobrist.  Again, within my league context, these are keeper options. (Got a starting job in a 30% inflationary environment?  $12!)

With that background, the early Crosby news this spring (achy back, no game appearances) is getting me panicky.  Panicky to the point where I am considering cutting Crosby loose and taking a $5 penalty againt my draft day cap.  Oh yeah.  I acquired Crosby in the midst of a long-term contract and must protect him this year or suffer the penalty. (ed: And you're just now getting the feeling it was a bad move?)

This implies that Crosby is effectively worthless as the $5 penalty lowers his value to less than $5.  To break even with the hit, Crosby would need only deliver $5 worth of value to equal the $10 he will cost to protect him. ($5 plus the $5 penalty I'd incur for dropping him.).  If he produces lesss than $5 then I would recapture $1 for every buck under $5 Crosby returns.  Am I crazy for thinking Crosby will have almost no value in 2007?