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Will Carroll and Jayson Stark Chats

At 11AM, ESPN will be hosting its weekly Fantasy Injuries with Will Carroll chat.  Given its title, one can expect to obtain some bit of fantasy intel that will help you make drafting/keeper decisions.  Maybe something on the longer-term prognosis on Josh Johnson' irritated unlar nerve.  (Isn't that the same thing Eric Gagne suffered from?)  

Update [2007-3-9 11:36:5 by Eric Hz]:

Erik(CLE): Is Josh Johnson going to be out longer than 2 months? Any reason drafting him?

Will Carroll: (11:30 AM ET ) How'd that nerve injury go for Eric Gagne last year? There's your closest comp.

At 1PM, Jayson Stark will be particpating in a chat.  He has not typically chatted on Friday afternoons. For the past few weeks there haven't been any baseball-related chats on Fridays.  I haven't found Mr. Stark as helpful for fantasy information, but that is outweighed by the sheer joy of being able to read fresh baseball information on a Friday afternoon.

Remember, the chats are open to non-Insider subscribers while the chats are live (typically 45 minutes to an hour).  Once they are finished, they are immediately whisked behind the subscriber wall.