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Rangers Outfield

Rangers' manager Ron Washington has announced his intention to rotate five outfielders through four spots - LF, CF, RF and DH.  This arrangement should provide enough ABs to make every one of the five players involved worthy of a roster spot in AL-only leagues.  (I'd have shortened that to "AOLs", but that would open me to some copyright issues.) Given his SBs, Kenny Lofton is the most valuable followed by a four-way tie between Brad Wilkerson (injury concerns), Nelson Cruz (performance issues), Frank Catalonotto (platoon issues) and Sammy Sosa (PED-free issues).  

From a risk management perspective, Frank Catalotto would move to the 2nd spot as he is a consistent performer - a .300 hitter with mid-single digit HRs.  (ed: The Rangers paid $13MM over three years for that?!?!?!?!?!)  If Nelson Cruz demonstrates his minor league ability to hit HRs and steal bases, his upside is an uninjured Brad Wilkerson lite - .260ish with double digit HRs and SBs.  While Lofton and Catalonotto can be expected to hit .300, the other three cannot be counted on hitting much more than .260.  This devalues all of them.

For Milks and Minks, none of the players should be on active rosters in any leagues but the absurdly deep i.e 20-team ones, and only Kenny Lofton can conceivably be considered for a bench spot in other mixed leagues because of his SB potential.