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Fantasy Focus, Rob Neyer and Keith Law Chats

For the third consecutive Tuesday, the ESPN chats will have the Triumvirate - Fantasy Baseball Focus at 11 AM, followed by Rob Neyer at noon and the clean-up hitter, Keith Law, at 3 PM. NOTE the change in time for the Law chat.  It had previously been held at 1PM.  I was disappointed with the dearth of fantasy-applicable information provided during Rob Neyer's chat last week.  Hopefully, he ends that streak at one.

If you read something interesting, either note it or add a comment to this post, and others who read this can benefit and offer opinions.  Remember, these chats are open to all non-Insider subscribers while they are live. Once they end, ESPN whisks them behind the subscription wall.

Here is the link for Fantasy Baseball Focus.

Here is the link for Rob Neyer.

Here is the link for Keith Law.