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Sortable Spring Training Stats

Spring Training statistics are not easy to find.  I used to go to, but, recently, the stats haven't been available when began looking for them (about a week into ST.)  Fortunately, does have them.  Here is the link to the sortable stats page (defaults to ABs).  Given that ABs in "B" games do not count and that there have been just 5 games played, take any great numbers with a grain of salt.  Going forward I will place the link underneath the Opening Day countdown at the top of the site.  

Normally I sort by Total Bases (TB) because it usually shows those players who have been hitting particularly well - for either power (Brad Eldred) or for a high average (Hunter Pence). Towards the end of the month, single categories like HRs, BBs, SB, OBP, SLG, etc will be more meaningful.  Until then, TB works very well.

In addition to the previously mentioned 2007 sleepers, the Brewers Ryan Braun is making an early case to begin 2007 with the Brewers and push Tony Graffanino and Craig Counsell into a time-sharing arrangement as utility infielders. A signal that isn't in the cards is the fact Braun only had two "A" squad games and 10 ABs.

The other notable is the Reds Josh Hamilton.  As a Rule V selectee, he must be kept on the 25-man roster or offered back to the Devil Rays.  Unlike Braun, Hamilton has played in 5 "A" squad games and hit very well - 9/16 with a couple of doubles and walks and a HR. If he continues to hit, I suspect the Devil Rays will be examining the Reds' bullpen for a possible trade that would allow the Reds to send Hamilton to AAA.

Does anything think the Pirates are having second thoughts about dealing for Adam LaRoche?