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Fantasy Prospect List

Baseball Notebook will be distributing its "Different Type of Prospect List" to subscribers of its free mailing list.

Last year's list, also published near the beginning of March, had many names who failed to get much attention on our regular list, names like Nick Markakis, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Adam Lind, Ben Zobrist, Ian Kinsler, Andy LaRoche, Conor Jackson, Andy Marte, Kelly Johnson, Nate McLouth, Matt Kemp, Ryan Shealy, Michael Aubrey, Melky Cabrera and many others so if you're interested in projected prospect value that spans only the next few years, you'll want to sign up for this one. This list will eventually move into the public archives but only mailing list subscribers will get it when it's first published, likely by March 15th.

I signed-up for the mailing list in order to receive their Top 100 prospects, and I have not seen any increase in unwanted offers.  Here is the link to Baseball Notebook.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to sign-up.