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Fake Teams reguler, Mofo, has a sleeper article up on Fantasy Baseball Cafe on the Cubs' forty-million dollar man, Ted Lilly.  With 160 strikeouts in the AL last season, the thoughts of facing the pitcher every nine batter has visions of 180 Ks dancing in fantasy heads.

Mofo is right on with Lilly's availablity.  In my most recent mixed draft, I grabbed him in the 19th round when I was looking for higher-strikeout starting pitchers.  That is very good, if not great, value for a pitcher making the move from the AL to the NL.  

Could he match the $126MM man in San Francisco?  Probably not.  Lilly is not the most durable of starters, but he could come very close to matching Zito's strikeout totals.  For the difference in draft position that is great value.