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Will Carroll and Christina Kahrl Chats

Update [2007-3-30 14:31:51 by Eric Hz]: The Kahrl chat has been cancelled.

Following the news on Oakland 1B Dan Johnson and the surprise DL stint by Rangers "closer" Eric Gagne, I will be interested to read Will Carroll's opinion during his 11AM chat at  To enter that chat, click Fantasy league injuries with Will Carroll any time between 11AM and ~11:45 AM to enjoy it before it goes behind the ESPN Insider wall.

Christina Kahrl of Baseball Propsectus will be hosting a chat at 2:00 PM.  The author of "Transaction Analysis" should offer some good information about the recent moves.  Unfortunately, the column is behind the BP subscriber wall, but the chat is not.  

I admit to being very pleased that BP is holding regular chats and hope it continues during the season.  I can never find enough to read about real-time baseball.  I need only remember to check the site in order to alert everyone before they occur.  However, unlike ESPN, the chat transcript is available for days afetrward.