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AL-Only Keepers

This is the team I will plan my draft stratgey around. I will need to decide how I will address Saves and SBs. The news that Eric Gagne will begin on the DL combined with the return of Jon Papelbon to the closer role has removed two closers from the draft and likely guaranteed the three sure closers, Joe Nathan, Francisco Rodriguez and Joe Borowski, all go for $35 or more.

SBs are a little easier to get as there are four or five players available who can contribute in the category. As long as I am willing to spend $30 or so on one of them, I can get one. I could follow a SB strategy of getting a little from several sources versus relying on one $35 player to carry the category. There are six players on my protect list that should be good for 8+ SB - Teahen, Zobrist, Kendall (in a contract year), Bradley, Granderson and Dukes.

Regardless of how I address those two roster deficits, I will have a definite plan entering the draft. If I am going to punt a category, I will decide to do so prior to the onset of the draft. By making that decision, I can direct my bidding to best execute my plan. It is stating the obvious, but sometimes that is a better way than over-thinking.

C Johjima Kenji SEA 20 B
C Kendall Jason OAK 6 B
3B Teahen Mark KAN 10 8
CR Huff Aubrey BAL 22 B
SS Zobrist Ben TAM 6 B
MM Crosby Bobby OAK 10 7
OF Bradley Milton OAK 19 B
OF Ordonez Magglio DET 24 C
OF Dukes Elijah TAM 5 F
OF Granderson Curtis DET 10 8
P Blanton Joe OAK 5 C
P Pavano Carl NYY 4 B
P Padilla Vincente TEX 2 B
P Zumaya Joel DET 5 B
Farm Barton Daric OAK
Farm Wood Brandon LAA
Farm Lind Adam TOR