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Chad Orvella

The Devil Rays have sent reliever Chad Orvella along with last season's closer, Seth McClung, to AAA.  I don't know what to make of Orvella's demotion.  (McClung stunk so no explanation needed.)  His spring numbers were better than most of the relievers who made the team, and those relievers didn't have any mitigating circumstances that would give them the edge on the major league roster i.e. big contracts.

I am prone to writing off Orvella as a Devil Ray.  Why?  The Devil Rays tried to change his delivery last spring, and it didn't work.  Orvella's performance dropped to non-professional status until he switched back to his previous way of pitching.  Now he pitches better than his competition and is sent to the minors? I'll guess he is considered "uncoachable" and a problem in the eyes of manager Joe Madden and pitching coach Jim Hickey.

Of course, all of that is just one man trying to make sense of the non-sensical.

The other big cut, Cantu or Gomes, will come after today's game.