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Autodraft Help

When autodrafting, you should always exclude players who are out for a significant portion of the season. Because the rankings are based on the prior season's production, players who did well will be ranked highly regardless of 2007 projections.

This also works in fantasy owners favor when the player in question has no prior season performance to rank highly. The obvious one right now is Royals 3B Alex Gordon (#907 out of 1,013), but all rookies with little-to-no prior year numbers will be ranked near the bottom of the rankings. In addition to rookies, the pitchers who are slated to close in 2007 but did not in 2006 will also be under-ranked.

Given a 16-team league with a standard Yahoo! settings will only take the top 326 players (21 rounds * 16 teams = 326), any players ranked below that number will be left in the pool (assuming no team changes the pre-rankings). This is why there are so many good players in the pool after the autodraft runs - the rankings did not consider projected 2007 values.

To better rank your list, move some of the players on the list below into your pre-rankings. At #907, Alex Gordon would never be autodrafted if no teams adjusted the pre-rankings. How high should you pre-rank him? That I do not know, but, for reference, Devil Rays' OF Delmon Young is #97.

And what is up with Indians' 3B Andy Marte being ranked 999 out of 1,013?!?!?!

YHOO Rank Player Position
328 Salomon Torres RP
330 Kevin Youkilis 1B/3B/OF
332 Jonathan Broxton RP
342 Jesse Crain RP
343 Matt Capps RP
344 Mark Derosa 2B/3B/OF
355 Ty Wigginton 1B/2B/3B/OF
367 John Maine SP
378 Boof Bonser SP
384 Mike Stanton RP
405 Mike Jacobs 1B
406 Chris Duncan 1B/OF
409 Ambiorix Burgos RP
443 David Wells SP
461 Luke Scott OF
474 Kevin Gregg SP/RP
488 Chad Billingsley SP
566 Ryan Church OF
572 Gerald Laird C
584 Cory Hart OF
588 Mike MacDougal RP
591 Seth McClung SP/RP
599 Randy Wolf SP
660 Nook Logan OF
667 JJ Hardy SS
672 Kelly Johnson 2B
683 Matt Garza SP
777 Brian Wilson RP
790 Tim Lincecum RP
820 Henry Owens RP
834 Adam Lind UTIL
838 Chris Iannetta C
852 Kevin Kouzmanoff UTIL
855 Miguel Montero C
907 Alex Gordon 3B
912 Akinori Iwamura 3B
999 Andy Marte 3B