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Giving the early results on the poll, this information is no longer useful for drafts, but it is still worth considering as the games begin.  If any of these players struggle or one of your starters get hurt, either buy low (struggle) or take them from the pool (hurt starter).

Kevin Youkilis  

Quietly, the God of Walks scored  100 runs last season.  With 15-20 HR power  and batting ahead of Manny Ramirez, Dave Ortiz and J.D. Drew (insert injury joke here), he is likely to repeat and be the only  100-run player left in the pool at draft's end.  I'd be happy with a repeat of those 100 runs, but I can't help thinking about a doubling of his first half numbers and seeing a .300+ AVG too!

Chris Iannetta  

With the recent release of veteran catcher Javy Lopez, the Rockies have signalled that Iannetta is ready to catch 4 or 5 times per week.  With his ability to draw walks placing a floor on his AVG and a .505 SLG as a minor leaguer, he should be good for 12-15 HR and 60 RBIs with an AVG in the .270 range.  That isn't going to make him an All-Star, but it will make using your last selection on a catcher wiser than using a 2nd or 3rd round pick on Joe Mauer.

Ian Kinsler

Before there was Moneyball, Buck Showalter was refusing to allow his teams to steal bases.  His  1995 Yankees club stole 50 bases.  The '96 team lead by Joe Torre stole 96.  Showalters' 2006 Rangers stole 53.  It was lead by rookie secondbaseman Ian Kinsler's 11 swipes.  In just 423 Abs, Kinsler hit 14 HRs to accompany those 11 SBs.  With a full-season of ABs and a new manager, I expect Kinsler to approach a 20/20 season.  And if he hits second,  watch out!  Kinsler will be amongst the Top 3 secondbaggers by season's end.