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Here are a couple of players that I can't help but believe will disappoint teams based on either the position they were drafted/price paid in an auction.  One is a player that anyone could fairly accuse me of treating like a dead horse.  The other hasn't quite engendered the feelings of the first.

Most Likely To Disappoint

Joe Mauer:  He is going in the late second round, and there is no way the difference between his production and the next ten or so catchers will offset the lost opportunity cost of a Jason Bay or Jimmy Rollins.  He hit 13 HRs and saw a drop in his SB totals from 13 to 8.  Those are not good enough numbers.  Jeez, they are Freddie Sanchez-esque, and no one touts him as a top pick!  Mauer's value is tied heavily into that great AVG and the relative value of 8 SBs as a catcher.  Given he had 500+ ABs last year, I don't see him getting many more thatn that in order to produce higher numbers.  Even if his AVG dropped 40 points, he'd still be a very good fantasy catcher.   But how much better is that  Kenji Johjima who will be taken  10+ rounds later?  Heck, I'd be comfortable grabbing Chris Iannetta with my last pick over Mauer with my 2nd or 3rd. (Ed:  that sounds familiar?)

His Court Jester

Eric Chavez:   He was the original Oakland A's MVP-hyped star.  I'm still waiting for a solid .300/30/100 season much less something that would win an MVP.  Chavez is what he is a .270/20/80 hitter at one of the deepest positions in fantasy baseball.   In mixed league formats, I see no reason to draft him any earlier than my second-to-last pick.    Given he will be drafted well before that, he can only bust .  A flyer on Orioles LHP Adam Loewen is more likely to deliver value than Chavez at 3B.  In all seriousness, I'd rather fish for pitching sleepers in the latter quarter of the draft and settle for Wes Helms than draft Chavez.  Sadly, he remains one of  the A's most offensive weapons.