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New Poll

There is a new poll-up.  It simply asks when you are having your primary draft.  Traditional Rotisserie baseball posited that the draft occurred the Saturday after the season began.  That seems so quaint now following the internet and automated draftware.

I ask simply to get an idea of how much my posting should reflect draft preparation versus player commentary.  Given the demands of preparing for my draft on Sunday and the one the following Thursday evening, I am inclined to remain focused on preparation and sharing in real time what I am doing and thinking while getting ready for them.

A comment on the choice between OF Andrew McCutchen and SP Tim Lincecum.  I am shocked by the blowout results in favor of Tim Lincecum - 66% to 33%.  Maybe Lincecum is this fantasy off-season's Felix Hernandez.

Would this piece of information from BP's Will Carroll have changed any votes?

lennyd (Portland OR): Can Linecum make the Giants a plus 500 team?

Will Carroll: Can any single pitcher? I love Seabiscuit, but there's some flaws. I've heard something about him that unfortunately, I can't disclose since it's a competitive secret, but it's going to have to be fixed. (No, it has nothing to do with changing his mechanics for health reasons.)

Lincecum was lit up this spring - 7 IP 8 hits and 5 ER.  Of course, he struck out 7 against just one walk.  

For those who missed this, me included, here is a link to the transcript from todays' Baseball Prospectus chat with Will Carroll.