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Fantasy Baseball Focus and Rob Neyer Chats

There are only five days left of Spring Training.  The Marlins have addressed their closer hole.  There is an argument that that haven't, but the success of closing reclamation projects in Florida is indisputable.  (I wanted to say "recent success", but the Marlins haven't been in existence long enough to have anything but recent experience.)  Most hot young prospects have been sent to minor league camps, but a couple, Oakland OF Travis Buck and Seattle P Brandon Morrow, remain with the big boys.

This is the last time FBF will be able to answer questions without having to refer to actual 2007 performance. Next week begins the Player X hit two HRs so far, will he break Bonds' record? questions.  Who can stay in their seat while anticipating that?

Rob Neyer has begun "blogging" daily while behind the Insider subscription.  Hmmmm.  Maybe an Insider subscription should be the prize for winning the Fake Teams NCAA Hoopps Challenge?

As always, if you read something interesting in the chats, add a comment to this post, and we will try to further the conversation. Remember, these chats are open to all non-Insider subscribers while they are live. Once they end, ESPN whisks them behind the subscription wall.

Click Fantasy Baseball Focus to enter the FBF chat at 11AM.

Click Rob Neyer to enter the Rob Neyer chat at noon.