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There is a new poll-up about who should be taken first in a minor league draft, Pirates CF Andrew McCutchen or Giants SP Tim Lincecum.  Normally, I'd offer an option of "Other", but I want to gauge the temperature of the water on these two players.  I suspect both will cause the Drums of Recall to beat as soon as either team's major league players begin to struggle.  For McCutchen, it will be Chris Duffy, and, for Lincecum, it will be Armando Benitez and Brian Wilson.

A comment on the previous poll.  I am not surprised a plurality of voters consider Adrian Beltre to be the best of the the three.  Eric Chavez and Hank Blalock have spent the past couple seasons failing to improve, and Chavez is still dealing with forearm tendinitis to the extent he see a chiropractor to help alleviate it.  Personally, I consider Beltre to the the best amongst the three.  Even then, I'd punt the position in mixed leagues and take Wes Helms.  Geez, the Pirates' new 3B, Jose Bautista, may come close to those three.