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As we enter the final week of Spring Training games, I am becoming curious about what the Pirates are doing with 20-year-old centerfielder Andrew McCutchen.  Why is he still in camp?  

The White Sox 5th starter spot looks to have been won by LHP John Danks.  If that holds, then we will get to see this year who got the better end of the Brandon McCarthy trade. Nevermind how well Nick Massett does in the bullpen. Unfortunately, we will also know who got the better end of the Freddy Garcia trade.

The closer situations in the state of Florida remain unsettled.  Florida has three pitchers vying for the job - winter acquirees Kevin Gregg, Matt Lindstrom and Henry Owens.  Whoever wins the job, the other two become immediate sleepers for Saves.  Tampa has a few relievers having good camps - Al Reyes, Chad Orvella and Juan Salas.  Last year's beginning and ending closers, Dan Miceli and Seth McClung, have been awful.  I don't have confidence in any of them right now.

The A's have an outfield opening for a sleeper candidate.  Will it be their top prospect, Travis Buck, whose 366/460/585 stat line must have the attention of everyone in the A's front office.  With 53 doubles in 497 minor league ABs, he's got the potential to grow into a better power hitter.  (10 HRs in those same 497 ABs.) When is Daric Barton going to be sent down?  His stat line is as impressive - .440/.563/.600.