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Eric Chavez, Hank Blalock, Adrian Beltre Poll

There is a new poll-up asking who will be the most valuable 3B amongst the A's Eric Chavez, the Rangers' Hank Blalock, and the Mariners' Adrian Beltre.  With the much-hyped depth at 3B this season, I am curious how far these "future" All-Stars have fallen.

In mixed leagues, I suspect at least one of them is going undrafted, but it is possible that name recognition is getting all of them drafted.  In AL-only leagues, this question has more pertinence because all three will be drafted.

A comment on the prior poll about making trades that result in your acquiree never playing on your active roster.  I am not surprised that the vats majority of people have had this occur.  I'm just a little surprised it wasn't unanimous.  Is this because some voters haven't played long enough?  Is it because some voters are too risk-adverse to make anything but sure-fire trades?

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