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There have been three significant fantasy developments today.  They involve Joe Mauer, Jonathan Papelbon and Rafael Furcal.

Joe Mauer

Uh-oh!  Maybe.  The Minnesota Star-Tribune is reporting that All-Star catcher Joe Mauer has a leg injury.

Twins catcher Joe Mauer has been diagnosed with a stress reaction in his left fibula...A stress reaction is considered a precursor to a stress fracture. The Twins say they are optimistic that the condition was diagnosed early enough to keep it from becoming a serious long-term problem.

For the weak-hitting Twins, losing their #3 hitter and replacing his bat with Mike Redmond has to be sending shivers through the pitching staff.  How can any of them outside of Johann be expected to get wins?  If Mauer's injury turns out to be more serious, then any talk of the Twins competing this season are over.  The team will be more like the one that floundered out the gate last season than the one that surged at the end.

Jonathan Papelbon

ESPN reports Jonathan Papelbon is going back to the bullpen.  The fantasy implications are obvious.  Joel Piniero should be available in most leagues right now.

Rafael Furcal

Dodgers SS Rafael Furcal left today's exhibition game with a leg injury.  From a fantasy persepctive, his owners have just lost an elite SS who combines low double digit HRs and high SBs totals.  Unfortunately, his replacements, Ramon Martinez and Wilson Valdez, offer nothing.  

From a fantasy perspective two things can happen.  The first is 3B-eligble Wilson Betemit gains SS-eligiblity before your NL-only acution draft, and, second, the chances of James Loney making the roster increases slightly.  If only he could play shortstop....