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A Different Kind of Prospect List

Update [2007-3-22 14:37:15 by Eric Hz]: This link for the list is up at Baseball Notebook.

Baseball Notebook will soon be releasing a prospect list that is slightly different than the ones that have been released already.  It purports to be focused on the next one to three years.  This coincides very nicely with the timeframe most fantasy players use for their own prospecting.

Because this list allows for those who are considered too old to be "prospects", the list is going to read much more like the free agent pool post-drafts in AL-/NL-only leagues as opposed to lists showing seeing Travis Snyder, Billy Rowell, and Clayton Kershaw amongst the Top 50.  Amongst those old guys are Kevin Thompson, Scott Moore, Reggie Willits and Carlos Ruiz.  Two of which I consider deep AL-/NL-only sleepers for 2007.

Amongst speedsters, there is Twins 2B and the return on J.C. Romero, Alex Casilla.  If you do not have faith in the  Nick Punto, Jason Bartlett, Luis Castillo and back-up Luis Rodriguez, then Casilla has to be on your radar.  50 SBs and an OBP around .385 can do that.  Phillies CF Michael Bourn is also listed.  Between AA & AAA, he stole 45 bags and had an OBP around .360. With 13 triple, you can bet he likes to put his wheels to good use.

I encourage you to visit Baseball Notebook and view the whole list.  Come on back and offer your opinions on the list as a fantasy tool for the 2007 season.