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The Leviathan

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Update [2007-3-21 20:32:45 by Eric Hz]: Here is s link to the Leviathan links.

The Leviathan is out.  Baseball Weekly's annual fantasy issue has hit the newsstands.  I always grab it.  Why?  Nostaglia for one.  10 years ago it was one of the only sources to see a mock draft ahead of my own drafts.  That no longer holds with Mock Draft Central, and others with the ability to combine several drafts to calculate an Average Draft Position.

There is one edge that I suspect the issue will always hold.  It's LABR drafts are AL-only and NL-only.  That type of format is turning into an anachronism with the proliferation of free mixed-league set-ups.  (Yes, those same free leagues allows one to particpate in multiple drafts and combine them for your own personal ADP sheet.)

Given the paucity of AL-/NL-only mainstream press information, this guide offers a glimpse of uninflated expected values.  Both drafts occur early in March so an occasional player or two who gathers Spring Training hype will likely be under-priced.  

I noticed Ryan Howard went for $40 and Albert pujols for $43.  Grady Sizemore fetched $38.  Cole Hamels went for $19, and Matt Cain fetched $20. More surprising - Sizemore or Cain/Hamels?