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Prospect Chats

Baseball America's Jim Callis will be in his regular Wednesday time slot (2 PM) over at ESPN chatting about minor leaguers.  However, there is an added twist this week for all us fantasy-focused minor league mavens.  One that I believe could make me forget about the breaking of Tuesday's chat triumvirate.

Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Propsectus will be chatting about minor leaguers at 1 PM.  I do not whether BP whisks it behind their subscriber wall immediately after the chat ends like ESPN does.  Assume they do, and, if they don't, then all the better.

If there isn't anything of use coming out of either of these guys' keyboards, then there is no reason to hold a chat.  I wonder what they think about Pirates' centerfielder Andrew McCutchen's continued presence on the Spring roster, and whether Chris Duffy's bad Spring (7-35 10 TB, 1 RBI and 1 BB) and Nate McLouth's...being Nate McLouth (8-31 10 TB, 4 RBI, 4 BB) combine to signal McCutchen will be a significant player in 2007 for the Pirates.