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First Round Draft Rankings

I was recently asked how I would rank the first round in a 12-team mixed league draft. I have been subjected to endless expert opinion and have come-up with the following baker's dozen. The most obvious adjustment is a return to the top five by last year's sexy top five pick Carl Crawford. What exactly did the 25-year-old do last year the would merit a drop to the bottom of the first round? Nothing. He hit a few more HRs, a little bit more AVG and more SBs.

Chase Utley is also dropping a bit. Previously, I had considered him a Top 6 player, but I am becoming more comfortable with Howie Kendrick, Ian Kinsler and Josh Barfield in the middle rounds. As such, grabbing a Dave Ortiz is more attractive than Chase Utley.

There is phenomenal depth at 3B. I wanted to incorporate that into these ranking by dropping ARod, Wright and Cabrera but couldn't envision passing any of them at their assigned ranks.

A player that has gone from the mid-20s to a late first round pick is Grady Sizemore. Given his better AV and better Runs, he compares more favorably to Alphonso Soriano than you may realize.

Rank Player Team Pos
1 Albert Pujols STL 1B
2 Jose Reyes NYM SS
3 Ryan Howard PHI 1B
4 Alphonso Soriano CHC OF
5 Carl Crawford TB OF
6 Alex Rodriguez NYY 3B
7 Johan Santana MIN SP
8 Dave Ortiz BOS DH
9 Chase Utley PHI 2B
10 Carlos Beltran NYM OF
11 David Wright NYM 3B
12A Grady Sizemore CLE OF
12B Miguel Cabrera FLA 3B