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Jason Lane

Yesterday, NBC/Rotoworld opined that Jason Lane's Spring Training 2007 has made him to the Astro's rightfielder versus left-handed pitching.  As a long-time Jason Lane advocate, I couldn't be more happy to see him with a regular role. To quote:

With Richard Hidalgo showing nothing so far, it seems clear that Lane will keep his spot in the Houston outfield. He'll likely start in right field against left-handers and also serve as a backup in center.

So it was with bated breath that I checked this morning's Houston Chronicle for confirmation that Lane will get those right-handed ABs.  With his extreme flyball tendencies, I see him easily getting 15 HRs in limited ABs (~200).  

What worries me is the addition of Carlos Lee.  With Lee locked into LF, where will Astro's manager Phil Garner get one of his favorites (no, not Orlando Palmeiro although he is a Garner favorite, too) Mike Lamb ABs.  Lamb has been anemic versus left-handers, but I can't let go of the idea that Garner will play him in RF in place of Lane.  This worry would disappear with an injury to 3B Morgan Ensberg or 1B Lance Berkman.

To revisit my Lane advocacy, here is a blurb from a post I made on December 19th:

After the Astros dealt Willy Taveras, the centerfield job has been "given" to 2B-turned-OF Chris Burke.  However, I just read that  Jason Lane has dropped 15 lbs and asked to be allowed to compete for the job.

He's always on my sleeper list, but I think 2007 may finally be my time to be right about him!

Orlando Palmeiro can't play center, can he?