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Rookie 3B

Baseball America ranked Tampa Bay thirdbaseman Evan Longoria as its 7th best prospect in the minor leagues. I suspect this will be one of the most contoversial rankings this year. Looking over their list, there are a total of six 3B who Misters Callis, Manuel, Lingo and Kline guess will arrive in the majors this season.

As a fantasy site, these would be the third sackers of most importance to the 2007 fantasy season. Alex Gordon is #1. There is no contraversay there, but does anyone believe Longoria is the 2nd best amongst these six? Shouldn't prospect Akinori Iwamura, the 2007 starting 3B in Tampa Bay, be on this list?

Team Player
KC Alex Gordon
TB Evan Longoria
ANA Brandon Wood
LA Andy Laroche
MLW Ryan Braun
CWS Josh Fields