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Ambiorix Burgos

A fantasy team's sleeper list is one of the most heavily guarded draft secrets.  No one wants to tell any of his competitors who he thinks will go for a buck or two or in the last few rounds at the draft.  I play fantasy baseball in two very competitve leagues and have the same inclinations.  Unfortuantely, I also have a responsibility to provide the most honest information on Fake Teams that I possibly can.

These conflicting views came to a head this morning as I was reading about the Mets Thursday game against the Cardinals.  The lede was how absolutely awesome Ambiorix Burgos was.  Blazing fastball and a save!  Burgos is a deep sleeper in all formats - right now.

What led me to write about him was ultimately the recognition that Burgos will not remain unknown if he continues to pitch this way all spring.  Heck, this was in Buster Olney's blog:

Heard this about Mets reliever Ambiorix Burgos: He's throwing a nasty, down-breaking pitch in camp, but it's actually not a splitter. It's a slider, a pitch that has such depth that it is similar to the vicious slider that former Blue Jay Juan Guzman used to throw. If Burgos throws enough strikes, that kind of slider could be absolutely devastating, in concert with his 97 mph fastball.

With that coverage, everyone will know about Burgos by the end of Spring Training.