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Inaugural Fake Teams H2H Fantasy Baseball League

Last night, we had the inaugural Fake Teams H2H fantasy baseball draft.  I had hoped to draw the first pick because I enjoy making back-to-back selections at the end of the round.  At #s 24 and 25, one could had a very good-to-great start with Albert Pujols leading that pack.  Due to the length of time before the next selections, one can reasonably reach at that point.  After all, if you skip the top tier of shortstops at #24 and #25, there is a very good chance none will be there when you again pick at #48 and #49.  What a perfect excuse to take Derek Jeter and Chris Carpenter!

I did get to pick at the end of the rounds.  Unfortunately, my first pick wasn't until the end of Round 1!  I drew the last pick and went with Grady Sizemore and Travis Hafner.  By taking Sizemore 1st, I hope to influence other fantasy drafters to make this potential 30/30 centerfielder a more frequent first round pick.  I had hoped to grab Carl Crawford with one of the picks, but he was taken #10 overall.

What had me fidgeting in my chair was the fact Chase Utley hadn't been selected in the first ten picks.  Unfortunately, Odessa preferred him to David Wright.  He must have been antsy too.

However, I had to leave the draft for an hour or so in order to particpate in a forum between the two candidates for mayor in my local town.  I was unaware of the positions and demeanor of one of the candidates and felt I had to be more informed.  As a result, I adjusted my Yahoo! Queue to reflect the postions I wanted to address for the 10 picks or so I expected to miss.  My final pick before leaving was Roy Oswalt.

Can you guess when those queued players ran out?

Round OA
1 Grady Sizemore 12
2 Travis Hafner 13
3 Michael Young 36
4 Roy Oswalt 37
5 Delmon Young 60
6 John Lackey 61
7 Cole Hamels 84
8 Takashi Saito 85
9 Jonathan Papelbon 108
10 Howie Kendrick 109
11 Ian Kinsler 132
12 Jonathan Broxton 133
13 Ramón Hernández 156
14 Nomar Garciaparra 157
15 Melvin Mora 180
16 Coco Crisp 181
17 Moisés Alou 204
18 Bartolo Colón 205
19 Salomón Torres 37
20 Corey Hart 60
21 Kevin Youkilis 252
22 Kevin Gregg 253
23 Carl Pavano 276
24 Terrmel Sledge 277
25 Seth McClung 300

The results of the2007 Fake Teams H2H Draft Results are here.  The first tab is an individual list of each team's draft.  The second tab contains the results by round.  In order to see how each team drafted, copy the team's name from the second tab and paste in cell B1.  The team's results will automatically be calculated.