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Jim Callis Chat

It is Wednesday so that means Jim Callis will be answering questions for his ESPN Chat at 2 o'clock this afternoon Eastern Standard Time. With Baseball America's Top 100 out, Mr. Callis has a reference point to compare and contrast his answers to the various who's-better type of questions like, "With Hunter Pence's breakout Spring, do you still believe he should be ranked below  Player X?"

Click this link - Jim Callis Chat - to enter. Remember it is open to everyone while it is live (2PM to ~3 PM and, hopefully, much longer). Once it ends, though, ESPN whisks it behind its Insider subscription wall.

For those interested, there is also a fantasy baseball chat at 11AM. Click this link - Fantasy Baseball Chat.  This one has been hosted by Eric Karabell recently.  He's a big fan of Todd Jones retaining his closer role.  Maybe I'll try to get a question answered.  Previous efforts have proven futile though. (ed: How about subscribing to the sales motto that every "No" brings you closer to a "Yes"?