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New Poll

There is a new poll up that simply asks if the fantasy league that you consider your primary one has held its draft already.  For myself, my AL-only and NL-only ones are considered my primary drafts.  As such, I am still focused on draft preparation.

That focus could cause a tilt towards draft preparation posts versus player performance/postional battle ones that I would focus on otherwise.  While I cannot guarantee the results of the poll will be followed to a tee, I can say that I would be aware of your situation and try to be accomodative.

A word on the bad trade reaction poll.  I am surprised so many people said they cursed the other team when given an obviously bad trade proposal (30%).  Why?  There are a couple teams in my AL-only league who are very slow to respond to offers.  I had previously thought they were inconsiderate, but maybe they're just being polite.  And since when is that a characteristic to be worthy of scorn?