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Fantasy Focus and Rob Neyer Chats

The first triumvirate has ended!  Julia has died!  Well not quite that but almost as momentous.

Last week ended the Triumvirate of Chats - ESPN's back-to-back-to-back and belly-to-belly-to-belly chats of Fantasy Baseball Focus, Rob Neyer and Keith Law.  With some historical perspective, we can see that Rob Neyer's marathon chat only masked the end of the triumvirate as Keith Law did not show, and Law will not participate this week.

This week, FBF at 11AM and Neyer at noon team-up for what I hope will be a dynamic duo.  With Spring Training a third of the way done and first cuts in the midst of occurring, their chats hold more potential for relevant fantasy information about the upcoming season.

If you read something interesting, add a comment to this post, and we will try to further the conversation. Remember, these chats are open to all non-Insider subscribers while they are live. Once they end, ESPN whisks them behind the subscription wall.

Here is the link for Fantasy Baseball Focus.

Here is the link for Rob Neyer.