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Brandon Wood

It's official, XBH machine Brandon Wood is a full-time thirdbaseman.  According to the LA Daily News, the Angels organization has finally succumbed to the prospect prognosticators who have foretold the move from shortstop to the hot corner.

The plan now is for Wood to play third exclusively at Triple-A Salt Lake this season, and though the Angels haven't ruled out a return to shortstop at some point, they've seen enough this spring to believe the move to third could be permanent. And not just because he's adeptly handled the physical aspects of the transition.

The rest of the article is glowing about his transition and efforts at a new position.  With the Angels lack of power production, I expect the Angels to be moving Chone Figgins back to an uber-utility role and insert Wood at 3B. (How will an alledgedly HGH-less Gary Mathews Jr perform?  Will he be worn down without the chemical boost or by the bills submitted by his high-profile lawyer?)  

Remember Howie Kendrick slugged .631 in AAA Salt Lake and really broke into the national conscious with that performance.  With that in mind, Wood could head into the .800s!  I exaggerate somehwat.  Kendrick also slugged more than .600 in hitter's paradise Rancho Cucamonga, and he has slugged very well at all levels.  It has been AVG driven versus Wood's SLG being driven by XBH.  What should be expected are gaudy numbers that bring Wood the same recognition.