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Fantasy Stereotypes

There is an entertaining fantasy article up on that tries to  characterize the worst fantasy draft offenders into ten different types.  I think Mr. Chiungos covers most of the offenders.  I am afraid to admit it, but I fall into 4. The Cheapskate.  I almost always forget to pay at the draft, and then wait until the season ends to pay.  And then I forget to do so without being reminded to pay more than once.  My roto-behavorial therapist says it is because I used to run the league and handle the money so I never needed to pay at the drafts.

Here is the list.  Click over the the article for a more-detailed explantion.

10. The Repeat Offender
9. The Crammer
8. The Retro-Activist
7. The Crow
6. The Editorializer
5. His Lateness
4. The Cheapskate
3. The Conspirator
2. The Speaker
1. The Accidental Sniper

Which is the worst of the ten? My vote goes to the Conspirator.  There is no better way to get people at each other's throats than conspiring with another team.  I'd add to this list The Excuse Maker. He or she always blames someone else for his mistakes and why he had a poor draft.  My roto-behavorial therapist says this type of player has an outer locus of control.

(Hat Tip to Dave in my AAOK 124.14 $260.  He knows what type he is!)