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Armando Benitez

Reports have Armando Benitez, the embattled San Francisco closer, pitching well and looking like the Giants closer to begin the season - assuming he is not dealt to a team that needs a closer.  The Marlins are most frequently mentioned, but, within this morning's San Francisco Chronicle, a new team is mentioned - the Boston Red Sox!

Most recently, the bullpen-depleted Red Sox were said to have inquired about Benitez, who regularly got booed by Giants fans...

"Red Sox" and "regularly booed by fans" are two pieces of information that should cause the immediate cessation of any trade discussions by the Red Sox.  If the Giants turned on him, what's he going to do in the comfy confines of Fenway Park?  Think Jeff Nelson going into the stands from the rightfield bullpen.

If Boston acquired AB, there will be considerable fantasy commentary on the deal. Let me say right now, the Red Sox will be trading yet again if they think Benitez will solve their closing problems.

More informative was the report within the same article that Brian Wilson is the tentative back-up closer right now followed by Kevin Correia.  I'd gamble it will be Correia given his ability to throw strikes relative to Brian Wilson - not that either's Spring leaps out.  Correia has pitched six innings, allowed 8 hits and one walk while striking out four.  Wilson has struck out the same number in just four innings of work, but he has issued four free passes and allowed four hits.