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Congratulations to Fake Teams member boogeyman on his addition to the staff of writers at Big Dawg Baseball.  He will be providing the weekly AL Central column during the upcoming season.

He writes The Boogey Blog, an AL-only focused blog and is one of the eleven other owners in my AAOK 124.14 $260.  (For those who are not yet comfortable with the acronym, it stands for Auction AL-Only Keeper league 12-team 4x4 with 14 keepers and a $260 cap.  Here is the link to the other acronyms I devised. as for designating the league as "mine", my roto-psychotherapist says I have attachments issues left over from the days of running the league and recruiting owners to replace departing ones in the early days.  I recognize I no longer hold that position nor am I responsible for recruiting replacement owners.)

Given the boogeyman's promotion to paid writer status following his efforts at his blog and the contributions made here, I'd like to remind everyone that I am looking to add writers for the upcoming NFL and NBA seasons.  There is also an opportunity for fantasy enthusiasts of hockey, golf and NASCAR.  Send me an email if you are interested.