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16-Team Draft

Update [2007-3-11 9:43:41 by Eric Hz]: I have the 11th pick. The Pre-ranker results are in the Comment section. I would be pleased with the results - with the exception of Bob Wickman in the 11th.

I have a 16-team draft at 11 o'clock this morning. I will attempt to comment as it occurs. Given the number of teams involved, I used my FT Autodraft/ADP Pre-Ranker tool to get a general idea, based on Yahoo! rankings, what my selections would look like given my draft spot. Here is a link that will open it in Excel.

Here is an example of what I look at to see what could happen with my pre-ranked list if I got the 14th pick.

# Teams 16  
Draft Spot 14  
Rd OA Player
1 14 Manny Ramírez
2 19 Chris Carpenter
3 46 Brandon Webb
4 51 Brian Roberts
5 78 Julio Lugo
6 83 JJ Putz
7 110 Randy Johnson
8 115 Mike Mussina
9 142 Adam LaRoche
10 147 Jeff Francoeur
11 174 Jorge Cantú
12 179 Jason Varitek
13 206 Kevin Millwood
14 211 AJ Burnett
15 238 Carlos Quentin
16 243 Troy Tulowitzki
17 270 Vicente Padilla
18 275 Clay Hensley
19 302 Jesse Crain
20 307 Boof Bonser
21 334 Miguel Montero

I don't use this the get the exact roster I want. I use it to see when I would begin getting players I did not. Specifically, i would look at the players ranked around the 51st selection (Brian Roberts) abd the 78th (Julio Lugo). Also, the players available in the 83rd to 115th area. Randy Johnson seems too high, and I am not inclined to grab a closer that early. An adjustment to the pre-rankings would have me dropping closers another 30 or so spots and dropping Randy johnson further.

By doing this, I can have the autodraft I want to see minutes after it is completed. there is no perfect way to predict an autodraft. you can only be aware of some different possibilities.