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Fake Teams Hoops Challenge

Update [2007-3-15 7:57:55 by Eric Hz]: There is still time to enter. I can't override the gatekeeper at Yahoo! so take a couple minutes right now and enter your bracket! This will stay at the top until the games begin. In the meantime, there is a fantasy baseball chat at 11 AM at ESPN. Here is the link. It is open to non-subscribers while live.

Since the end of the Fake Teams Best Fantasy Baseball Team Names Contest, I have wanted to begin another contest in order to foster the Fake Teams community and also spread some fantasy knowledge via paid content that others may not have read before but can benfit from i.e Rotoauthority's incredibly powerful Excel-based Fantasy Guide.  (Click on the ad in the Menu section to buy it!)

With the disappointment of the NCAA Selection show settling in (I am a UCONN alumni and have little interest when they fail to make it), an answer struck!  Voila!  A Fake Teams Bracket!  

I have set-up an NCAA Hoops Challenge on Yahoo!  The Group ID# is 82224, the league name is "Fake Teams Hoops Challenge" and the password is "faketeams".  I am going to offer a fantasy-related prize i.e a subscription to Baseball Propsectus or The Fantasy Hot Sheet, to the winner of the challenge assuming at least 10 FT members, other than myself, join.  I am also open to suggestions for an individualized prize!    

In order to be eligible, you must have a username before the start of the games on Thursday, and you must be able to be contacted via the email you provide in the Create Account set-up.  

Click the "Create Account" link in the Menu section in the upper right (Or just click here.)  Choose a username, password and provide an email address.  You will then receive an email requesting verification.  Click the provided link and come back.

Here is the link to Yahoo!