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Autodraft ADP Help

After admitting I casually pre-rank my players for auto-drafts and then watching my draft go in directions I wouldn't have taken it, I decided to develop a simple tool that would allow me run hypothetical drafts based on a the number of teams in the league and my draft position along with a list of ranked players.  Would this have prevented me from getting Francisco Liriano?  In this case, the answer is "Yes" because I would have simply gone through the draft order and look who got selected.  This process would take as long as it took to re-type a different draft position.

Another feature that is helpful is the automatic calculation of your overall draft position with each pick.  If you have an ADP file (Average Draft Position), you can see who you are likely to get.  Just copy the rank (Col A) and player name (Col B) into the Ranks tab, and you will immediately see who you would get in the Mock tab.   The ranked players are from the overall rankings from my FT Points League Template.  (Yahoo!'s pre-draft rankings would be ideal as an example, but following some fair-use issues, I did not want to go through the copying-and-pasting only to find I have run afoul of fair-use rules.)

Here is a link for the download of my FT Autodraft/ADP Pre-Ranker.  Feedback and questions are welcome and encouraged.