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Markakis Follow-up

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Earlier this week I asked whether or not a $17 Nick Markakis for $24 Magglio ordonez and $1 Nick Punto was a fair deal in an AL-only 4x4 12-team keeper league. Overwhelmingly, you said it was not.  Nick Markakis was worth more.

Yesterday I received Ron Shandler's Baseball Forecaster 2007.  He values Ordonez and Markakis at $19 and Punto at $9 for 2007.  That seems a lot closer to my position than to the voters' one.  

What was surprising to me, in addition to the poll results, was he projects Markakis to hit just 18 HRs.  It would be set a professional high for the third consecutive year, but it seems low, doesn't it?