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Alex Rodriguez

While preparing for work this morning, I was listening to Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio, and they were discussing the Alex Rodriguez' opt-out clause, which he can exercise at the end of the 2007 season.  They reported this was increasingly likely.

I am surprised.  ARod is going to make $83 MM over the next three years (AAV $27.7MM).  There is no way he gets the same amount of money over that same period of time.  While JD Drew is the trend-setter in opting-out and signing a larger deal, he only went from $11MM AAV to $14MM AAV.  That is a wee teeny bit of infomartion that needs to be kept in mind.

Who is going to pay a 32-year-old who has be submerged in three years of negativity and has demonstrated a weakness in handling pressure more than $83MM over the next three seasons??