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Joe Mauer

I'm watching Law & order: Criminal Intent and trying to place the headline from which the episode was ripped (NY AG Jeannine Pirro and her husband Al!) and began to think about putting together a list of players who are prime candidates to be amongst the most over-valued players in this year's drafts.

Nick Markakis and Delmon Young have been covered quite throughly.  But one I constantly hear and read great things about is Twins catcher Joe Mauer.  Last season, he did everthing statsheads could want - decent walks (79) and great contact (54Ks) to go with a .507 SLG.

But he only hit 13 HRs and drove-in 84.  He stole 8 bases but that was a decrease from 13 the prior season.

There were many catchers who hit more HRs, and not-quite-so-many who had more RBIs.  Am I wrong to believe Mauer will be one of the most overvalued players this draft?