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2007 New York Yankees Sleepers

With a healthy Hideki Matsui in LF and a full-season of Bobby Abreu in RF, last season's surprise call-up Melky Cabrera is relegated to sporadic playing time and ABs.  However, he is the first in line for any ABs that come from the OF via injury or a breather for any of the starters.  He may also get an occasional start at DH when Jason Giambi sits against a tought left-hander.

If he gets 10 ABs per week that gets him into my sleeper range for season ABs (200-350).  Unfortuantely 10 ABs, is more than two starts per week, and I just don't see that.

The only other opening on the team is firstbase, and the Yankees have settled on Doug Mientkiewicz for his glove.  If Mientky is so bad at the plate, I expect the Yankees to swing a trade instead of giving full-time ABs to Andy Phillips of Rule 5 draftee Josh Phelps.