Fantasy Help

I am in a keeper league and have to decide which 4 out of these 7 players to keep.  Taking into account age and position which 4 would you keep:

1B Lyle Overbay
1B Conor Jackson
3B Chad Tracy
OF Austin Kearns
OF Alex Rios
OF Gary Matthews
OF Corey Patterson

I have openings for all, I do have Teixeira at 1B and Wright at 3B but do have DH spots and one INF spot open.  

All of these guys are pretty similar in my mind, I currently am leaning towards protecting:

Overbay: overall strong #s and relatively young
Jackson: Lots of potential to be even better
Rios: Lost of potential good in all categories
Patterson: Kind of need his SBs

But would like to know your thoughts

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